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Grading exam held at Delhi Dojo


Kyokushin Budo Karate Community, Delhi NCR, India Branch is pleased to inform that, the belt grading exam held at Delhi Dojo on 12th April 2015 successfully where the students of all ages range between 3.5 years to 38 years aged candidates participated. One of my instructor from another branch of Delhi NCR Sempai Kumar Abhishek (1st Dan Black Belt) and my honourable wife Sempai Shiva Gupta (2nd Dan Black Belt) and myself were there to judge the grading examinee.
I took the written exam a day earlier because it also takes time and we had timing issues due to which I took the written and viva exam one day earlier.
The grading took about 8 hours and the examinees were judged on all the parameters required in the traditional system of Kyokushin Karate Gradings.
We also had prizes for selected members based upon the overall performance in one year. The prizes / awards given to :
1. Highest Grading Marks Scorer: Vivek Kumar
2. Best Attendance : Vivan Singh Negi
3. Best Technical Fighter : Ishaan Verma
4. Best Discipline : Basant Kumar
5. Best Technical Knowledge: Vir Goyal
6. Best Power Fighter : Sanskar Deep Agarwal
7. Most Sincere Member : Ishan Joshi
All the students got motivated and those who receive the above said awards were happy and their parents as well. Then I had arranged refreshments for all my dojo members and the parents/guardians. For your information all these refreshments were prepared by my Mom. On the grading day her health was down and she has to go to one of my student’s flat and need to rest. Directly or indirectly my mother is also serving Kyokushin Budo Karate Community and is also an honorable member of Kyokushin Budo Karate Family.
This system of grading gives an idea of the physical, spiritual and mental development of each of the karateka and gives the instructor an idea what the person is lacking in him/her and would work on develop and fulfill those lacking.
This is what budo spirit teaches us to learn, practice, develop and master.

Report from Sensei Abhishek Chandra