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The 3rd Belt Grading Test


Examination report from Sensei Abhishek Chandra (Branch Chief of New Delhi, India)

On 06-December-2015, Sunday the 3rd Belt Grading Test of this year held in Gurgaon from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, in which more than 30 karatekas participated.

Sanskar Deep Agrawal aged 9 yrs. appeared for Sodan Test and after exhaustive and restless performance he completed his 20 men Kumite. Gauri Goyal, 14yrs., Ishaan Verma, 10yrs. and Ritvik Sehgal, 11 yrs. successfully completed their 15 men kumite for Brown 1st Kyu. Vir Goyal, 10yrs., Karan Mishra, 9yrs., Taran Kumar, 8 yrs and VIvan Singh Negi, 8yrs successfully completed their 12 men Kumite for Brown 2nd Kyu. And all other colour belt participants also did a wonderful job.