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Kyokushin Cup 2016


Kyokushin Cup 2016
The 3rd All UK Open Karate Tournament in Weight Divisions
Men’s Woman’s and Junior’s Kata & Kumite
Date: 9th April 2016
Venue: Arc Gym, Caledonian University
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom


Kata Age 7-13 Open
1st Lara Pawlicka
2nd Rehan Fernando

Kata Age 14-17 Open
1st Sherilyn van Damme
2nd Sathmi Fernando
3rd Nicole Kosman

Kumite Age 7-8 Open (Male)
1st Billy Bratton
2nd Conner Maclean
3rd Rehan Fernando

Kumite Age 9-10 Open (Male)
1st Sergio Natche
2nd Ismaeel Anderson
3rd Soham Sinha

Kumite Age 11-13 Open (Female)
1St Dibya Dahal
2nd Sara MacIntyre
3rd Jessica Graham

Kumite Age 11-13 Open (Male)
1st Arin Tuncay
2nd Dillon Koria
3rd Thushan Sivasothy

Kumite Age 14-15 Open (Female)
1st Elizabete Dzene
2nd Kaitlynne MacLeod
3rd Sherilyn van Damme

Kumite Age 14-15 Open (Male)
1st Sajith Jeyakrishnan
2nd Mohammed Tahir
3rd Abdullah Ahmed

Men Open Weight Category
1st Craig Maclachlan
2nd Oleg Bond
3rd Ian Liddle
4th Thomas Mechin

Best Fighting Spirit Award
Ian Liddle