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Honbu Dan Examination


15-04-2019 Honbu annual Dan examination

KBKS Russia and Netherlands members who after many years of hard work, dedication & commitment have achieved the coveted rank of Shodan to Sandan. 
The Dan examination started at 10.00 am and ended at 2.30 pm engaging about 8 candidates in various tests of physical strength, knowledge of technical, Kata and all participants successfully completed 10 men kumite to 30 men kumite.
All the members of Kyokushin Budo Karate Shakai International would like to congratulate the following members on their great achievement. Osu!

Pronyakov Viktor(Russia) – Shodan
Yaremenko Vsevolod (Russia) – Shodan 
Manolito Borsboom(Netherlands)Nidan
Evgeny Kuzmenko(Russa)Nidan
Igor Kulgavy(Russia)Nidan
Evgeniy Zaicev(Russia) – Nidan
Roamn Anthonio (Russia) – Nidan 
Bart van der Drift(Netherlands) -Sandan
Oleg Kuzmenko(Russa) -Sandan