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We Welcome the New Branch established in Kolkata,India



It is with great pleasure that I announce Sempai Prithish Mukherjee (2nd Dan) as the Dojo operator of Kolkata, India.
On behalf of the entire Kyokushin Budo Karate Shakai members, welcome to our Kyokushin family. Osu!


Year 1998 when we both (Sempai Soham Paul & Sempai Prithis Mukherjee) started our journey in Karate as young kids back at Kalighat Park B.T.A under the guidance of Late Sensei Ratan Chakraborty. Back in those days, Karate was like breathing Oxygen, never believed that we could or would have come this far, his guidance was like gasoline to us but unfortunately, we had many obstacles not to mention nasty politics, dirty people & off course misguidance in the course of this period. True to the fact that later year 2015 we joined International Kyokushin Kan organisation along with Sensei Ajoy Halder under the teaching of Sensei Sunkanta Pramanik we had some righteous learning & true pathway over progress. A must mention to our life Sensei Ajoy Halder who took the leverage to establish our own organization & helped us to sail the voyage where we are having this journey now. Year 2019 Oyama Fitness Dojo joined hand & taken direct affiliation from International Kyokushin Budo Karate Shakai, Shihan Prasanna Fernando & carried forward the journey separately. It was really hard for two young kids to walked so far I guess this is what Kyokushin Spirit is. Ignorance of many times have lost hopes as well but still love for karate & the Kyokushin spirit kept everything alive & we both Promise to sail along with many brave young hearts to create new stories, encouraging everyone regardless of age & shape to make a newer beginning.