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1st Virtual Kata,Kihon,Ido Tournament Kolkata, India



Kyokushin Budo Karate Shakai International Kolkata branch, India organized 1st Virtual Kata,Kihon,Ido Tournament on  25th,26th July 2020.

There were 30 participants aged from 5 to 67 years in three categories, KATA, KIHONS, IDO-GEIKO respectively. Despite home caged and locked in several months now due to the severe pandemic situations, they all have shown courage and true budo spirit to come forward and give their best. Final judgments have been conducted by KBKS Honbu  Shihan Prasanna Fernando and a list of the assistant referees: Sempai Paul Soham, Sempai Bhaskar Mishra, Sempai Sathmi Fernando, and Sempai Pritish Mukherjee was head of the organising committee.

On this very auspicious day of our beloved Sosai Masutatsu Oyama’s birthday (27.07.1923 – 26.04.1994) we announce our 1ST KYOKUSHIN BUDO KARATE SHAKAI ONLINE INTRA DOJO TOURNAMENT’S Results below:

Report by Sempai Pritish Mukherjee(2nd Dan)chief Instructor and official Instructor of KBKS Kolkata branch.

KBKS HONBU would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants. OSU!