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1st All Bengal SBKR Summer Camp,India


26th -30th May 2022, Digha beach, West Bengal, India 
Organized by Sensei Pritish Mukherjee, SBKR Kolkota branch, West Bengal, India

Dear Branch chiefs, Dojo operators and members

On 24th May 2022, I traveled to India to attend the 1st All India SBKR Summer Camp from 26th to 30th May under the invitation from Sensei Pritihsh Mukherjee. On the 26th of May Sensei Priritish and his instructors gave me a warm welcome to me at the Kolkota airport.
This event is an annual camp that is organised in the popular tourist destination “Digha beach” the place All Kyokushin organisations organize this event annually at this place to keep the tradition and the beautiful surroundings of New Digha seaside. The first session started at 3 pm on 26th May afternoon. Three training sessions were on from 27th to 29th May, both indoors and outdoors.
This was an opportunity to learn new things and also work on the SBKR syllabus they need to improve.  Everyone showed great morale as training started in the morning at 4.30 am to the evening under the extremely hot weather. The youngest was 5 years old and the oldest was 67 years old. It was great seeing parents encouraging their children to attend the camp. Sensei Abhishek Chandra, our branch chief in New Delhi hosted a self-defense session for parents on the 29th of May. This was organised for the first time and all parents enjoyed this session. It was nice to see the unity between all Sempais (namely Sempai Arghajit Das, Sempai Aparajita Banerjee,Sempai Hrittik Das and Sempai Dilip Kumar) of the Kolkota Dojo during the event. They gave a huge contribution to Sensei Pritish Mukherjee to organise this event. Everybody worked hard, tried at every training session and sweat a lot from 26th to 30th May.
The Dan examination was held on 27th May. The Dan examination consisted of the Japanese syllabus and was conducted to a high standard. Participants completed the power test, Kihon, Renraku Kata and followed by 20-30 men kumite.Candidates below successfully passed the Dan examination:

Sensei Raja Mookherjee 4th Dan
Sensei Naveen Singh 3rd Dan
Sensei Pritish Mukherjee 3rd Dan
Sensei Soham Paul 3rd Dan
Sensei Dipankar Bhattacharya 3rd Dan
Sensei Ranjith Roy 3rd Dan
Sempai Sumita  Mukherjee Nath 2nd Dan

On 28th May I able to conduct a judging and refereeing session for senior students and instructors. The branch chief meeting was held on the same day followed by Dan certificates and branch chiefs certificate presentation. The final training session was on 29th evening and ended with the beautiful traditional campfire and the Sayonara party.
SBKR Honbu has made the decision to appoint Sensei Pritish Mukherjee(3rd Dan) as sub-branch chief of West Bengal during this occasion as we worked extremely hard in promoting the Kolkota branch.
I thank branch chiefs and chief Instructors from other states of India “Sensei Raja Mookherjee branch chief of Maharashtra, Sensei Abhishek Chandra branch chief of New Delhi, Sensei Naveen Singh branch chief of West Bengal, Sensei Kaustav Nath branch chief of Bangalore” for attending this event and for contributing. This event was a great opportunity to meet old and new instructors to discuss future arrangements of the Sekai Budo Karate-do Renmei Kyokushin Karate India branch.
A Special thanks go to Sensei Pritish Mukherjee, Sensei Soham Paul, Sensei Ranjith Roy and Sempai Bhaskar Mishra for successfully ending this event. I thank my former student Sensei Lakmal Cooray (3rd Dan) branch chief of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka for coming in to support this event during the difficult time the country is facing. Thanks to the many others that have assisted in these many areas.
Sekai Budo Karate-do Renmei Kyokushin Karate has grown stronger and more relevant in India during this camp. It’s with much respect and gratitude I thank everyone for the great summer camp we had. I feel truly blessed to be a guest of honor at this event. Finally, yet importantly, a big thank you to everyone that joined this extraordinary camp and contributed to build a stronger and true spirit of Kyokushin Karate!


Yours truly in Kyokushin Karate,

Shihan Prasanna Fernando
Sekai Budo Karate-do Renmei Kyokushin Karate Honbu
United Kingdom