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Honbu Yearly Schedule-2019

Below is the Annual Schedule of Kyokushin Budo Karate Shakai Honbu Dojo.


Date                                    Event
13-April  Kyokushin Cup 2019 The 6th All UK Open Karate Tournament 
14-April  General Meeting / Instructor’s Training
15-April  Dan Examination for Shodan, Nidan and Sandan
30-April  Kyu Examination
13,14 -July  Summer Camp
1-August  Kyu Examination 
17-August  1st Junior & Youth Friendship Karate Tournament
18-August  Judges/Referees Licence Course
18-August  Honbu Annual Dan Examination
16 -November  Kata  Seminar
19-December  Kyu Examination
22-December   Christmas party
24-December  Last training of the year
2- January 2020 Kagami Biraki-Training begins in New Year


*Please note that it may be a subject changed without prior notice.