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Japan Karate Tour 2024

Japan Karate Tour from 19th April to 27th April 2024


Japanese martial arts are known worldwide and are both a product and a cause of Japanese culture. Budo, “Kyokushin Karate’’ is unique in the Japanese martial way.
”We all know that all Karateka hope to go to Japan one day, get training there or perhaps participate in a championship, and last but not least visit the memorial of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama to pay him respects. Therefore, you will experience all of them at least once in your lifetime during this special tour”.We at Sekai Budo Karate-do Renmei Kyokushin Karate are fully dedicated to making you fulfill this desire of yours.

That’s Included:

  • *8 nights of 3-star accommodation (including 2 nights in a traditional Japanese Inn)
  • *7 breakfasts and 8 Japanese dinners
  • *22nd April (1 day) training in So-Honbu, Ikebukuro, and 23rd April(2nd Day)  training in Shizuoka Full-contact Karate Dojo under former Kyokushin uchi-deshi, 7th Dan Saiko Shihan
  • *Tokyo and Hakone sightseeing
  • *Travel in Japan

Not Included:

  • *Flights
  • *Entrance Fees
  • *Lunch

Children under 13 years of age can only travel with us if accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or older, who’ll take responsibility for the child. 

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend that our members/other participants must arrange their own individual travel insurance before they travel. 


A visa is not required to travel to Japan for European, American, and Canadian Citizen Passport holders. Should you hold any other passport then please contact the Japanese Embassy for more information. 


To confirm the Japan Karate Tour, the applicable per-person deposit is 60 days of departure. Must pay a deposit of 45% of the total amount, we will ask you to pay the balance 21 days before departure.

 To make a booking, you must complete our booking form. (Terms and Conditions May Apply) 

If you would like more information about this Karate group tour, schedule, price or are ready to start planning, please contact us:

Shihan Prasanna Fernando
Email: budo.karate@yahoo.com
Tel:+44 0742 294 3308