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The primary goal and desire of SEKAI BUDO KARATE-DO RENMEI, KYOKUSHIN KARATE are to hand over the Kyokushin Karate correctly and genuinely to our next generation. It was begun in 2012 under the leadership of Shihan Prasanna Fernando with this supreme intention.

Saiko Shihan Prasanna Fernando, who has trained under the best Karate teachers in Japan and other countries and has thereby, acquired skills of the highest caliber during the past 39 years is always willing to share his skills and knowledge with those of you who honestly love Kyokushin Karate. In point of fact, he invites you to join him to share his skills and enjoy the best training in Karate.


There is no charge of any sort for affiliation, and it is totally free.

Your attention is drawn to the following facts regarding the SEKAI BUDO KARATE-DO RENMEI KYOKUSHIN KARATE and our priority in establishing affiliations are to give them our highest possible attention. Besides, the discipline, education level and long experience in Kyokushin Karate or another style of Karate of the instructor is always given priority consideration. Their overall discipline is of paramount importance to us. If by any chance, he has been prosecuted and punished by a court of law, we will investigate the seriousness of the offense he had committed. If needed, he will be asked to produce a clearance certificate from the police.

Under the circumstances, it will take 14 to 45 days before he is given an affiliation. Such affiliation is granted only if he has acquired all the requisite qualifications, and the final decision lies with the executive council of the SEKAI BUDO KARATE-DO RENMEI, KYOKUSHIN KARATE Honbu.

 Grading Examinations Promotions in Black Belts      

It is compulsory that you are present personally for the Dan examinations. For this purpose, you are required to visit the headquarters in the United Kingdom or go to a country where there is a SEKAI BUDO KARATE-DO RENMEI, KYOKUSHIN KARATE  Dojo.

In the case of grading;

1) The total period of training in Karate,

2) Completion of the correct syllabus in Kyokushin Karate,

3) Age,

4) A number of fighting sessions for the relevant grade (10-50 Men Kumite) will be strictly considered.

You can get the required syllabus from a  SEKAI BUDO KARATE-DO RENMEI, KYOKUSHIN KARATE Honbu, or from your Instructor.

In the event you wish to go to SEKAI BUDO KARATE-DO RENMEI, KYOKUSHIN KARATE Honbu for grading, you have to get permission from the Chief Instructor if there is a SEKAI BUDO KARATE-DO RENMEI, KYOKUSHIN KARATE   Dojo in your country.