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Brazil First South American Seminar Huge Succsess!


The 1st SBKR South American Seminar and training was held in Belo Horizonte one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil from the 8th to 12th of March 2023 with the participation of Shihan Prasanna Fernando from the United Kingdom ended as a success. On the first day 8th of March, traditional Dojo training was held at the State of Minas Gerais Honbu Dojo. The following day on the 9th of March training was held with the students who were being trained under the social project Sensei Paulo Souza’s volunteering with these students from low-income families is very pleasing. On the third day 10th of March, Shihan participated in an outdoor training session with the instructors, where they were given an understanding of Kihon and Kata according to the syllabus of SBKR Honbu Dojo.

1st SBKR South American seminar was held in Escola Municipal Jose Madureira Horta, Belo Horizonte from morning 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Kyokushin traditional Kihon, Ido, Kata, and Kumite training was the initial training for the seminar. Various Karate Dojos from Brazil participated in this event, reflecting the friendship between Karate organizations. Sensei Renata Borba (3rd Dan) IKO Matsushima who won first place in the World Championship held in China, and her members, as well as IFK Instructors and SBKR Instructor Sempai Axel Victor and his students from the State of Piaui, were represented at this occasion. Shihan Prasanna Fernando and SBR Bolivian Representative Shihan Hector Carrasco Branez were the main Instructors for this event. Students who are going to compete in the next kyu/Dan examination fought 10 to 20 kumite tests during the seminar.

On the last day 12th of March, there is a grading test for students from 8th Kyu to 2nd Dan participated and this was conducted under the special supervision of Shihan Fernando, Shihan Hector, and Sensei Souza.

The 1st South American conference was a very successful one and special thanks to our Sensei Branch chief of Brazil Paulo Souza and his organizing committee for working very hard to organize this event. Also, SBKR Honbu is very thankful to Shihan Hechtor Branez, who traveled far from Bolivia and gave his best contribution to the seminar.