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Japan Karate Tour 2022 is an unforgettable experience


Shihan Prasanna Fernando traveled to Japan on 1st December 2022. This eight days trip consisted of two days of training. He and his students visited and greeted Soshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa(9th Dan) one of Shihan’s teachers in Japan. Soshi Hasegawa warmly welcomed them to his home city Naruto, Tokushima Ken. Sosai Oyama appointed Soshi Hasegawa as the branch chief of Tokushima prefecture in 1971. This Dojo is still on to this day and training is on under Soshi Hasegawa’s direct supervision.

On the 4th of December, they visited Shizouka prefecture to train under former Uchi deshi(Dormitory student) of Kyokushinkaikan 7th Dan Saiko Shihan Ryuichi Serizawa and now he has established his own full contact Karate organisation Seiku Juku. Shizuoka Ken, a beautiful part of Japan with natural hot springs and great views of Mt Fuji, is a perfect way to relax after training.

On the 7th of December Shihan visited Sosai Masutatsu Oyama’s grave in Gokokuji cemetery in Tokyo to pay their respect. Shihan also visited the Kyokushinkaikan original Honbu Dojo was established by Sosai in 1964 which was the place Shihan Prasanna Fernando trained and participated in his 2nd Dan examination under Sosai Oyama’s invitation in 1994.

It has been an absolutely amazing trip from start to finish. The Japan trip was an experience none of us will ever forget and our sincere and heartfelt thanks goes to Soshi Hasegawa and Saiko Shihan Serizawa for their valuable time and teaching.