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Moscow branch summer camp

The camp “Beautiful Sword – 22” was held on the basis of the Federation in Russia.
In 3 stages of 2 weeks, athletes from several regions of Russia with a total number of up to 100 people were trained.
Every day, the athletes had at least three workouts: running, strength training, stretching, kihon and kumite. In their free time, the children played sports games, completed quests, read books, and played Nerf and laser tag.
Senior students completed a training course and trained as side judges and referees.
When the heat came on the street, the pupils bathed and trained in the river.
At the end, the most deserving of each group got the chance to take the kyu test. The entire training process was built on the basis of the individual characteristics of each athlete, an analysis of his advantages and disadvantages based on the results of past competitions, for the best preparation for the new sports season.
Report by Sensei Oleg Kuzmenko, branch chief of Moscow, Russia