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Appointment of South East Asian Chairman


Sekai Budo Karate-do Remmei Kyokushin Karate Honbu would like to inform you with great pleasure that Sensei Ram Bomjan(4th Dan) the representative of Nepal, has been appointed as the Chairman of South East Asia at the 6th branch chief annual meeting held in India on 2nd June 2023.
In 2017, Sensei Ram Bomjan joined the SBKR organization and in the past few years, he has done a great job for the development of Karate in his country. In recognition of his service, the SBKR Honbu proposed this post, and the proposal was confirmed by the  Delhi NCR branch chief Sensei Abhishek Chandra. We pray for the development of the South Asian region under the new chairmanship of Sensei Ram Bomjan.  Warm greetings!